- So long as one feeds on foods from unhealthy soil, the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prison of the body. (Rudolf Steiner – “Agriculture”)

- Soil is the basis for all human life. All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility of the soil. (Dr. Alexis Carrel – “Man, The Unknown”)

- Malnutrition begins with the soil. Buoyant human health depends on wholesome food, and this can only come from fertile and productive soils. (Dr. Alexis Carrel – “Man, The Unknown”)

- In soil properly nourished with adequate supplies of humus, crops do not suffer from disease and do not require poisonous sprays to keep off parasites; that animals fed on those plants develop a high degree of disease resistance; and that man, nurtured with such plants and animals, can reach an extraordinary standard of health, able to resist disease and infection from whatever cause it may derive. (Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird – “Secrets of the Soil’)

- There is now a good deal of evidence from practical results to show that farming methods based on (organic) principles have a value distinctly above normal methods. Such evidence may be found in crop yields, long term fertility, nutritional values of produce, plant and animal health, and cash savings in cultivations. (P. H. Hainsworth – “Secrets of an Expert Organic Gardener”)

- In order to produce good corps, plants need a steady and liberal release of nitrogenous compounds, potash and phosphates, and all other necessary adjuncts to the plant’s health. All this is provided, under natural conditions, by one means – through the activity of soil organisms. These in turn require food, mainly as a source of energy. There is a great distinction here – the plant provides its own energy from light and often some to spare for symbiotic organisms. The microorganism has to find its energy from ready-made materials but can often obtain its own mineral requirements direct from the soil particles….This energy supply consists of carbohydrates which are in turn plant remains, plant skeletons. (P.H. Hainsworth – “Secrets of an Expert Organic Gardener”)

- Organic matter may be called the constitution of the soil. Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop, not the cause. The use of poisonous sprays is an act of desperation in a dying agriculture. (Dr. William A. Albrecht, Chairman, Department of Soils, Univ. of Missouri)

-Crop losses in dry weather, or during mild cold snaps, are not so much the result of drought and cold as of nutrient deficiency. NPK formulas, as legislated and enforced by State Departments of Agriculture, mean malnutrition, attack by insects, bacteria, and fungi, weed takeover, crop losses in dry weather, and general loss of mental acuity in the population, leading to degenerative metabolic disease and early death. (Dr. William A. Albrecht, Chairman, Department of Soils, Univ. of Missouri)

person watering plant
person watering plant

WHY ORGANIC? It’s all about soil and health…

Man, the Unknown is a best-selling 1935 book by Alexis Carrel in which he endeavors to outline a comprehensive account of what is known and, more importantly, unknown of the human body and human life. The book elucidates the problems of the modern world and possible routes to a better life for human beings. It is specifically known for its advocacy of eugenics and euthanasia.