- Chemical fertilizers cannot restore soil fertility. They do not work on the soil but are enforcedly imbibed by plants, poisoning both plant and soil. They destroy (the soil’s) physical properties, and therefore its life. (Dr. Alexis Carrel – “Man, the Unknown”)

- Toxic farm chemicals are radiomimetric in that they ape the character of radiation. The damage (to humans) resulting from nuclear radiation is the same as the use of toxic genetic chemicals. And the use of fungicides of organic synthesis annually causes the same damage to present and future generations as atomic fallout from 29 H-bombs of 14 megatons – damage equal to the fallout of 14,500 atomic bombs of the Hiroshima type. In America, during the 1970’s, yearly use of toxic genetic chemicals was about 453,000 tons, which caused damage equal to atomic fallout from 145 H-bombs of 14 megatons, or 72,000 atomic bombs of the Hiroshima type. (Amerigo Mosca, Italian Chemist)

- Our attempts to grow crops by a system of ‘hydroponics in soil’ are doomed to failure. By adding easily soluble plant foods to the soil we are not, in fact, helping the plant at all, we merely get the worst of both worlds. A fertilizer, in the full sense of the word, renders the soil more fertile. To call nitrogenous (chemicals) fertilizers is a misnomer, they decrease long-term fertility – they are, in fact, merely a stimulant and need to be recognized as such. (P.H. Hainsworth – “Secrets of an Expert Organic Gardener”)

-No amount of artificial fertilizer can compensate for the loss (of organic matter in the soil). The collapse of (soil) structure, of course, leads to compacting of the soil and loss of that very vital soil function, aeration, without which plants will not grow. Hence the urge for deeper ploughing to create artificial aeration. Unfortunately, this artificial structure either dries into hard clods or slumps into a semi-liquid mass with the first heavy rain, and, as a result, it is difficult or impossible to get a tilth. Microbial and worm activity is lost and no plant foods are released by natural agencies. Such artificial (fertilizers) as are added are rapidly available for a short time but soon become fixed or are attacked by the denitrifying bacteria (which can work without air), so that long before the crop matures the supply is exhausted, however much is put in. (P.H. Hainsworth – “Secrets of an Expert Organic Gardener”)

a person in a field of yellow flowers
a person in a field of yellow flowers

-WHY NOT USE CHEMICALS? It’s all about soil and health…